Tech Support

Struggling with Tech?

Check out the useful tips below. More instructional videos are available on the #ocsbHowTo Playlist for Parents/Guardians.

Setting Up the Device

Please don’t have your child learning through a phone or an iPad as they won’t have the necessary access to all of our virtual tools

How to use Google Meet

Blessed Carlo students go to class by logging in to the student portal to access their Google Meet

Weekly Tasks To Ensure Your Device Is Running Optimally

This video will show you the 2 tasks that should be done weekly to make sure your device is running properly.

Note: Clearing Cookies (3rd task) will clear your Student Portal ❤’s . Please only clear cookies if things are not working properly.

Frequent Engagement Check Ins

  1. Please ensure that your child only has one device open & all tabs are related to what they are learning.

  2. We use HAPARA HIGHLIGHTS to provide feedback on what your child is doing. We can close tabs they shouldn’t be on, but we can only see what they are doing on their OCSB account and only if they are using the Chrome browser, and if the device is synched.

  3. HAPARA FILTER will block games, ads, 3rd party tracking & remove YouTube suggestions and flagged pictures or websites when a student is logged into Chrome Browser with their OCSB account.

Responsible Use of Technology Form

Each OCSB student needs a completed Responsible Use of Technology form. There is a portion for both parents & students to “sign” in our Parent Portal. Our students are on technology for a large portion of their day and this form will help ensure they understand what they need to do to be responsible users. Another excellent resources is our Samaritans on the Digital Road resource to help develop Digital Citizenship.

Keeping your child safe online

Coping w/ Screens: 12 Tips for Balancing Children’s Mental Health & Tech Use

Inappropriate emails or chats can be blocked. We ask parents to take a look and a picture of what is offensive and send it to the appropriate VP. Then follow these steps to block the individual.

How to Block Users from Hangouts & Gmail

How to Check Your Child’s Browsing History