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Tech Support for Parents

Visit our Tech Support page to learn how to set up your child's device. Know where to go for tech support before you may need it!

Helping your child to be ready to learn

Recess routines to improve wellness & learning

  • Movement is crucial to priming the brain to learn. See this Article

  • Being outdoors also improves all aspects of learning & wellness.

  • A focus on outside and off tech during Wellness Breaks is a huge support to your child’s learning.

  • It is all about routines. Build them one step at a time and encourage your child’s input.

Space & Routines are Crucial

  • Is there a space/routine to upregulate (get your energy levels up?) & another one to down regulate (too excited to settle into learning?).

  • Consider having a Before School & an After School routine to signal to the brain that it is the start and end of school. With Community Schools there are clear Going to School & End of School routines


Self-regulation is the ability to recognize and control our own behaviour and reactions. If your child is having difficulties with this, consider making a Wellness Plan using the Zones of Regulation.

  • Students benefit from recognizing and naming their emotions. Ask your child "What does it look like and feel like when you are in the Red, Blue, Yellow & Green zones? "

  • Then what are 1 or 2 choices for them to take a break and get back into the Green Zone?

  • Do they need a timer to help with this process?

Families who have worked with our resource staff on self-regulation can use the Bee Your Best Self choice board to help support their child during class time.

Setting up a proper learning environment at home

Calm & Distraction Free Environment

Pick a spot in your home that:

  • will always be used for school time. This area then becomes a visual cue that it is learning time!

  • Is private enough to have cameras on. You can change your background in a Meet.

  • Has room for students to fully participate in all body breaks;

  • Easily allows for engagement check ins by the adults; and

  • All learning materials (including learning kits) are organized & easily accessible.

Tips for Setting up a Learning Space at Home

  1. Choose a location based on your child's learning preferences.

  2. Eliminate distractions & ensure it has good lighting.

  3. Tech: we suggest a touchscreen Chromebook & headphones. Families are asked to provide tech.

  4. Have all of your child's supplies (i.e. pencils, paper, calculators) easily accessible. We will provide a math & an arts learning kit.

Supporting French as a Second Language

Looking for ways to support your child with French as a Second Language at home?